How we work


We consider either one song or a bunch of them as a single project, and from that point you get a quote. Ideally, we would get a demo of the song/songs you’d like to produce in advance in order to have an idea of the size of the project and also to provide an estimated time for accomplishing it.

Normally, the production of a song with a “guitar and vocals format” would take a day of work (8 hours). Extended formats could take a bit longer, but most important, we prefer working with time and space for creativity.


After having an estimated time and quote agreed we start recording. Recording is a time decision phase. Not only because we need to do it right and tight with the artist, but also because is where we start shaping the sound that your song will have; putting in place techniques; deciding the use of microphones/amps; and providing comfort for the performance to be the “one”. Easy, we’ll guide you through the whole process and we’ll also give some space for¬†brain storming¬†because this is the phase where all happens.


Mixing takes place the whole process. Firstly and subtly during the recording session, since our goal is the artist to feel as comfortable as possible while performing. Once the recording session is over, we let the song and ours ears rest.

The hard mixing phase will take place once the recording one is over and will be handled as follows:

  • You’ll get the first mix (MIX 1) in a mp3 or WAV format after a few days for the artist to take notes and suggest adjustements (if there are any).
  • You’ll get the second mix (MIX 2) with the suggested amendments, and in case there’s more to change, you can suggest a third version of the mix.
  • You’ll get a third and final mix (MIX 3) with all the suggested changes. Any other changes beyond this third mix will be taken as a separately project to be worked with the artist in the studio.


We are happy to let you know that we work together with the young souls of the LS Estudio guys. They will be a second pair of ears and eyes who will give the final shinny touch to your song according to the sound you are looking for. We’ve already had great experiences working with them, and want to continue so. Once LS Estudio is done with the mastering of your song, it’ll be ready be shown to the world.