What we do

Nowadays anyone can record their own songs at home with a simple audio interface and a computer, but this sometimes takes some extra time due to technical reasons and the chances of losing focus on the main purpose (your songs) are high.

Why not focusing on the song only and let the technicalities to someone else?

For that, we help independent artists sound their best.

Ministudio is a  Zürich based recording and production studio specialized in producing high quality song demos for pitching and plugging to producers, recording artists and publishers.

If you are curious, we can also take your songs to another level by providing a variety of musicians who will be excited to put their experience on your music. You’ll be covered with the requirements needed for recording your music. You’ll be provided with all the equipment required for producing, advising and recording your music.

Whether you are wanting a product of your songwriting skills to be played for industry execs or you just want something to have for your own personal use, we have everything you need!

After recording your music we would be very happy to connect you with our photo shooting and music video development team, as well as providing you advisory for new emergent artists in the city.

We also take care of putting your music and make it available all over the world via all music stream platforms like Itunes, Spotify, GooglePlay…

We look forward to listen your ideas, please contact us and we’ll offer you the best solution for your music.